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Disability rehabilitation services in Central West NSW

We believe that rehabilitation requires a holistic approach to improve physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Our disability rehabilitation services are focused on empowering our community to live fulfilling, independent lives.

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  • Evidence-based programs

    We stay up to date with the current evidence for best practice and care for each condition.

  • University qualified professionals

    University-educated experts provide evidence-based programs tailored to your needs.

  • Personalised approach

    Your goals are our priority and we will assist you to achieve these in every way possible.

  • Inclusive and welcoming

    Our social and welcoming environment is a safe space for you to complete your therapy in a non-judgemental community based setting.

Healthcare requires a personalised approach tailored to your needs

We believe social connection and community are vital for quality of life. Since 2019, we've championed building an inclusive, welcoming environment open to all conditions and disabilities. Our exercise therapy, support coordination and support work services come together to help you achieve you health goals.

Client spotlight

A woman smiling in front of a bike in a disability rehabilitation centre.
A bald man with glasses smiling in a disability rehabilitation centre.
A bald man smiling in a disability rehabilitation centre.

Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, Nicole joined OTM to maintain her standing transfer and upper body strength.

Through exercise therapy, she has experienced improvements in leg strength, fine motor skills, and working with her right hand – something she loves.

Despite not having a favourite exercise, she finds joy in stretching her legs and using the easy stand. Nicole holds our clinicians, Emma, Bec O, and the adorable Barry the dog, close to her heart.

Outside of therapy, she enjoys singing ‘Delta Dawn’ in karaoke. What truly brings her joy is the camaraderie at OTM, overcoming anxiety, and, of course, treating herself to a cinnamon donut afterward!

James, who deals with CP, initially joined OTM with the simple goal of self-improvement.

Since incorporating exercise therapy into his routine, he has witnessed significant progress, feeling stronger and more capable than ever before. James particularly enjoys using the Lite Gait for walking during his sessions.

While he’s hesitant to pick favourites, he admits Emma is his preferred clinician. When not at OTM, you might catch James singing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’ at karaoke.

Above all, he treasures the camaraderie with the people at OTM, making every visit an enjoyable experience.

Scott faced his second stroke three years ago

Referred by Lourdes Hospital post-stroke, Scott joined OTM with the aim of regaining independence for driving and work. Through intensive rehab, the OTM team helped him achieve thsis milestone.

From initially being bedridden and paralysed, Scott now navigates freely and drives, reclaiming his independence.

Although he humorously considers coffee his favourite exercise, he appreciates the guiding hand of Nic, the boss clinician.

Scott’s karaoke anthem is Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions,’ and while he enjoys the camaraderie during sessions, he can’t help but crack a joke about his favourite part – leaving!

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